Est. 2002                                               Registered company in the Kingdom of Jordan           Working withIraqi Railways for a better Iraq.





Welcome to Masab Al-Furat


Masab Al-Furat was found in 2002 it is an active company in the Middle East. We specialise in Heavy machinery and we represent various manufacturing companies located in USA, Europe, Russia and Asia.

Masab Al-Furat has been awarding many contracts in the Middle East to supply Heavy machinery in the Railway, Oil and Electricity sector. All of these contracts have been completed successfully.

Our success is owed to our hardworking, highly skilled and committed employees. At present there are 27 employees working at Masab Al-Furat all of which have a concrete educational background. We have our offices in Baghdad, Cairo, Amman and Dubai.
Our objective is to continue serving our customers old and new, through the provision of quality good and supplies at competitive market prices and ensuring customer satisfaction at all times.
In order to achieve our objective we are continually re-engineering, re-evaluating and reinventing the way we do business in order to provide the best value solutions to our customers.

We understand customers’ needs and strive to fulfil and exceed customers expectations at all times.